Picc Line Cover Waterproof-For Shower Use


Waterproof Picc Line Cover:

Aya Covers is proud to introduce the PiCCGard by AquaSheild made specifically to protect PICC Lines and mid-arm dressings for normal showering.

-The PiccGard is Latex Free and due to the strength of polyurethane, it can be used for many months.

-For proper sizing, please measure the upper arm circumference two inches above the PICC Line site, then choose your size on the drop down tab.

-Instructions will be provided on packaging

-Not intended for bathing or swimming

-Please be advised due to the sensitivity of customers on treatment and hygiene issues there are no returns.

My story:

In 2006 when I was diagnosed with cancer, part of the treatment process was receiving a Picc Line. Throughout my treatment process, I was disappointed that I could not find something to cover it. Hence the idea of establishing Aya Picc Covers in order to create fashionable and comfortable covers for patients going through treatment.

Lisa Thompson

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