Aya Covers Story

In 2006 when I was diagnosed with cancer, part of the treatment process was receiving a Picc Line. Throughout my treatment process, I was disappointed that I could not find something to cover it. Hence the idea of establishing Aya Covers in order to create fashionable and comfortable covers for patients going through cancer treatment.  More importantly I wanted patients to proudly wear the Aya symbol which represents endurance and provide them strength through their journey.  (Lisa Thompson)

I began working with Lisa at AYA Covers in March 2014. It is very rewarding to be able to help Lisa create a product that can benefit so many people. This small arm cover may seem insignificant to some,but for the patient receiving treatment for weeks, months or maybe longer, we hope it makes dealing with a PICC line a little bit easier, more comfortable and way more stylish!  (Kirsty Gough)

Take a moment and hit the shop button to browse through all our different packages and single cover options.  Thank you and Aya Covers appreciates your support!  

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